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1 The hundred best pictures in Part I to XVII

Copyright Charles Letts & Co

Fifth Edition Chosen pictures reproduced from negatives taken direct from the original works.

2 Die Welt Max Klingers

Soft brown paper back of artwork.

3 A Jade Miscellany

By Una Pope-Hennessy 1946

4 Painting of the Month

February, April, May, June, July, October, November, December.

5 Bouquet a galaxy of flower painting

By G. S. Whittet

First published 1949

6 Vaclav Rabas

Lide a Veci Domova

Praha 1954

7 Alva Recent Paintings and Drawings

Foreword by Herbert Read. London 1951

8 A Peep Behind the Scenes

by Mrs O.F. Walton. London. The religious tract Society Published 1877

9 A Wanderer in London

E.V. Lucas. Sixth Edition 1908

10 The Golden Age

Kenneth Grahame Hard Back binding in green cloth 4 guarded colour plates mounted to chocolate brown card.

11 The Makers of Florence

by Mrs Oliphant. Macmillan and Co. London & New York 1888.

12 Ordeal of Richard Feveral

by George Meredith 1902 Edition.

13 For the Master’s Sake

by Emily S Holt, John F Shaw & Co.

14 Rabbi Saunderson

By Ian Maclaren 12 illustrations by A.S. Boyd. Hoddar & Staughton 1898

15 They Seek a Living

by Joyce Eggington 1957 Signed Copy.

16 Keddy, A Story of Oxford (Now Sold)

by H N Dickinson 1907

17 They walk in the City

by J. B. Priestly

18 A Prince of the Captivity

by John Buchan 1st Edition 1933

19 Unfigured Harmony

by Percy C Buck Second Edition

20 Animal Ways

by E.G. Boulenger with seventeen illustrations in photogravure Ward Lock & Co

21 The World of William Clissold

2 Volumes by H.G. Wells

22 The Waverley Novels Vol I to VI

The Melrose Edition

by Sir Walter Scott Caxton Publishing Co.

23 The Inquisitor

by Hugh Walpole 1935

24 John Cornelius his life and adventures

by Hugh Walpole 1937

25 Traditions of Lancashire

by John Roby Vol I & Vol II sixth edition

26 Old English Plate

by Wilfred Joseph Cripps reprinted 1977 Library Edition same text as sixth edition

27 A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens 1902 James Nisbet & Co.

28 Hoare’s Bank A Record 1673 - 1932

Printed for private circulation 1932

29 The Face of London

Harold Clunn 1937

30 The Big City

Alex Atkinson & Ronald Searle

Perpetua Books 1958

31 Coins Hoards Volume III

by The Royal Numismatic Society London 1977

32 UpHolland Grammar School

by J J Bagley M A 1944

33 The Pyramids of Egypt

I E S Edwards

ex University Library Liverpool.

34 The Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Ages in the near East Anatolia

by James Mellaart 1966 Khayates Beirut

ex University Library Liverpool.

35 Going for a Song English Furniture

Arthur Negus talks to Max Robertson

BBC 1969

36 The Archeology of Minoan Crete

by Reynold Higgins Drawings by Rosemonde Nairac

The Bodley head

ex University Library Liverpool.

37 The Glory that was Greece

T C Stobart 4th edition Sidgwick & Jackson

38 English Paintings from 1500 – 1865

by Mark Roskill with 48 colourplates Thames & Hudson

39 The Bull of Minos

by Leonard Cotrell First Edition 1953

40 The Brontes and their World

by Phyllis Bentley Thames & Hudson

41 The Templar’s Secret Island The Knights, the Priest and the Treasure.

By Erling Haagensen and Henry Lincoln

42 Illuminated Manuscripts

from the Bibliotheque of the The Highnesses the Dukes d’Arenberg 1952

43 The Magic Flowerpot

by Edward Garrett

44 The Woman thou Gavest Me

Copyright 1913 by Hall Caine

45 Lancashire Plain and Seaboard

by Herbert C Collins 1953

School Libraries

46 The Kings England Lancashire

Edited by Arthur Mee with 250 Places and 185 pictures.

47 The Kings of England The Lake Counties

Edited by Arthur Mee with 217 Places and 124 pictures.

48 Things to Make

By Archibald Williams Thomas Nelson and Sons.

49 The Mission of Scenes in Africa.

By Captain Marryat

50 The Shoji

Japanese Interiors and Silhouettes

by Kikou Yamata 1928

51 The Pocelain Junk

by Joseph Delteil 1928

52 The Book of the Marvels of India

From the Arabic by L Marcel 1928

53 The Farmer of Inglewood Forest

by Elizabeth Helme

54 The Camford Visitation

by H G Wells 1937

55 A Voyage round the world. Australia

By Jules Verne 1877 48 illustrations.

56 Sketching from Nature

by Tristam J Ellis 1894

57 The Danes in Lancashire

by S W Partington 1973

58 Memoirs

Montgomery of Alamein.

59 Omar Knayyam

by J Pollen Faithfully and literally translated

(from the original Persian) 1915

60 My Best Scotch Stories

by Sir Harry Lauder 1929

61 Little Dots

Playways Annual

62 A New Guide to the Palace of Knossos

by Leonard R Palmer 1969

63 The Musical Educator

A Library of Musical Instruction Vols 2,3,4,and 5

64 The Childrens Encyclopedia Volume 1 to 8

Edited by Arthur Mee

65 British Birds

The King Penguin Books 1939

66 Time’s Winged Chariot

by Ernest Thurtle signed 1st Edition 1945

67 Permanence and other Poems

Vera I Arlett signed 1929

68 Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity

Published The Society of Antiquaries of London Volume XCVII 1959

69 The Cornhill Magazine

Vol2 to Vol6 1860

70 The Voice of Africa

by Leo Frobenius Vol2 1913

71 A new complete drawing course

by Dorothy Furniss Vol1 Pastels 1934

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